Comments are posted under the event or article. This page is a copy-and-past collection of them.

Following a massage session, Kim wrote:

Ingen gave me the BEST neck, back and shoulder massage that I have ever received. I’ve had lots in the past from all sorts of therapists and physiotherapists. He wasn’t shy in using pressure and getting right to the heart of the problem. I left feeling a stone or two lighter just by relieving the stress in my neck and back! I can’t wait for him to come to Hebden Bridge – my shoulders need him…. :-) Thanks Ingen xx

Following a massage session, Jane wrote:

After a summer of giving massage and not receiving my body was very grateful to receive 2 wonderful Shiatsu treatments…body bliss I was very in need. Thank you Ingen.

Following a weekend retreat, Karen wrote:

Thank you Ingen, good to see you. The Saturday schedule you organised, felt a lovely balanced day, I felt truly supported. . . .  Brilliant. A rainbow of a day. Love and options to all Karen


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